What is a "Caricature" and what can I expect?


Many people see "caricature" but don't quite understand what it truly means. 

While it's closer to being a cartoon, it's far from being a literal portrait. There have been times people have asked me to draw a "caricature" of them or for someone else, but are confused by the results.

If you are meeting me in person at a festival or show, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the process and exactly what is involved prior to my starting your artwork. Alternatively, images on my signage and website give you an idea of the work I produce for customers.

If you wish to hire me for an event, or for a private order, then please feel free to have a good look at the images on the website.

Caricatures are an art medium designed to be silly and fun!  Sometimes even subtle features on a person might be exaggerated even if it's not too big or too small. My goal is to not just make you smile, but to make you laugh. In a sense, I am a comedian, but instead of telling jokes, I draw funny pictures!

But do understand, Caricatures are NOT LITERAL PORTRAITS and I do not take requests for literal portraits. 

How is it done?


This is a labour of love for me and I have spent my entire life drawing. To sum it up simply, it takes a lot of practice! Very soon I hope to be starting a Youtube series that will demonstrate further how I do this.

I generally have a case full of markers and pencils. When doing a live caricature I do a quick rough and very light sketch that I try not to spend more than a couple of minutes on. I then ink the drawing, usually using any number of a variety of different markers depending on the kind of line quality I need. This is where more time and detail is put into the final drawing. Once it's finished, I quickly erase the pencil lines, and at that point, I reveal the final product to you.

While drawing, I'll likely talk to you to get an idea of your general interests, and in some cases, it'll be intigrated into the final draing.

There are some artists who can draw directly ink-to-paper with no penciling. I'm afraid I am just not one of those artists. But I still take pride in my work, and I try to work quickly and efficiently to give you something you will cherish. 


And in case you're wondering, I use marker brands such as Prismacolour, Copic, Crayola (they actually make some amazing markers with perfect conical tips for this sort of thing) and Faber Castell for fine lines. 

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