Below is a list for 2017 dates I am currently booked for.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep this list updated, so to determine if I am available on a particular day you wish to book me for, feel free to contact me directly to discuss availability.


I am unable to book more than one event in a single day, so please select a date not already appearing in the list and contact me to confirm.


Serioius inquiries only! Bookings are confirmed when I am given a location and time of an event. If these details are not provided, the date is still considered "pending" and remains open for other customers. If you want to book my services, please provide date, time and location, otherwise it is not "confirmed".

Minimum 2 weeks notice prior to an event is required. 

October 22 - Burlington Toy show


December 2nd & 3rd - Booked

December 7th - Booked event


December 24-26 - No bookings

December 31 - January 1st - No bookings


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