Personal orders are requests that are larger in scope than normal caricatures offered at functions or festivals. These are drawings that usually offer additional elements like the number of people in the drawing or features such as sheet size, colour, medium, background, etc.

These can also be requested if you were not able to have one done at a function or festival.


Please note that I do CARICATURES and NOT literal (life-like / realistic) portraits. If you are looking for a literal portrait, I can direct you to other artists who do that sort of thing. 



You need to decide 3 things first… (Samples of all are in the gallery of the website)

*Hand coloured or digital? (price will be the same, tho hand drawn pricing changes with size)

*Colour or Black & White ink drawings? (Colour is extra - prices below)

*If coloured by hand, what size do you want it? (Digitally coloured work can be printed any size)


Details I then need to know (each incurs additional costs)

*How many people in the image? Single person, couple, family, hockey team?  (animals or pets will count as extra “people” as they take the same amount of work)

*Are there any props? (sports equipment, tools, furniture etc…)

*Is there a background scene?  (Cityscapes or vacation spots, recognizable landmarks, beaches, mountains, terrains… etc)


This is a rough break down and still must be negotiated.

Colour automatically doubles the price of each listed below. (digital or hand coloured) 

B&W single figure  

8X10 or 8.5X11  $20 

11X14 B&W $25

14X18 B&W $30 

$5 added for each framing size increment 

Additional figures (no props or backgrounds) are $10 each

Simple Props are $10 each (but can be more depending on complication of the prop. A hammer or football is simple, but something with extremely detailed parts could cost more)

Background scene $20 (Again, this could cost more depending on complication of what you wish depicted)



Wedding couple, Inked B&W line drawing

Couple standing together in wedding attire, 11X14, Total - $35

If she is holding a bouquet of flowers, Total - $45

Background scene (e.g.: Las Vegas represented by a couple of famous casinos in background) Total - $65

Colour the image (by hand or digital) $125


Preferred methods of payments are cash, eTransfers, and Paypal. Cheques or money orders can also be accepted but must be cerified.



Personal orders are usually done at my home from photos you provide to me. I am only able to caricaturize what I see in the photographs, so the more you send me, the better. I typically request you send me ones with different angles and as recent as possible. This lets me capture them in caricature with their current features, such as hair styles, etc.


Important Note: discretion is absolutely assured! Personal photographs sent to me for any project are kept private and returned or destroyed (hard copies) or deleted (digital copies) once the project is completed.


All drawings are initially done using a direct ink to paper approach. These are black and white images which then may be coloured if requested.


If colouring is requested, it may be done in a couple of ways. Each has a different look to it and can be done depending on personal preference:

  • by hand - done in a mixed medium of conte (type of pencil crayon) and/or watercolour.
  • by computer - the image is done in black and white, then scanned to the computer for digital colouring.

Feel free to visit the gallery for examples.



When a commissioned project is completed, arrangements can then be made for you to pick up all original work and any other reference material (if any) provide to me.

Digitally coloured projects are emailed in a high quality jpeg format, allowing for resolution to be high enough to make poster sized banners if desired.

You also receive the orginal ink drawing used to scan for digital colouring.

These may also be shipped if required. Contact me for rates if this should be the case.



*This is important!

  • -I always stay in touch with the client during the process of creating the final image. I have to stay in constant communication so that every step of the process is exactly what you want. I try to get everything verified in the pencil stages because inking is a slow and detailed process that can not be changed afterwards.
  • -Although a price is determined initially before the project begins, pricing can alter if changes and corrections persist. I do have other commissioned jobs and events that I have to do, so corrections, changes and additions means more time has to be put into it, and can potentially push the project due date back, and also can cause overlapping with other jobs.
  • -If something I’ve done is NOT what you specified, then I am willing to make some corrections without changing the price. However if continual corrections persist I have to start charging additionally for extra time.
  • -If you give me the OK to go ahead with inking or completing a phase of the project, but change your mind on it afterwards, I must also charge for the time to make those changes, or even redo a large portion of the project.
  • -Additional props and backgrounds that you wish to add-on afterwards must be charged as above.
  • -If you want it hand coloured, but change your mind after the colouring has started, I still must charge for the work I have put into it.


If in the end you do not like the results, you are not obligated to pay for the image. 

Any physical photos given to me are returned to you. (emailed photos are, of course, deleted)

HOWEVER, I retain any and all drawings I have done in the process and are my property to use for advertising purposes.


Taxes included in all pricing listed above. There are no other additional fees added.

Payment can be made once project is picked up.  

Only accepted methods of payment… Cash, eTransfer, PayPal, Certified money orders or certified cheques



Regular contact is kept throughout the process to ensure the final result is to your liking and that all appropriate requests are met.


If the completed product is not to your liking, or if it can not be completed in time, then you are not obligated to take the image nor are you charged for it. Any and all deposits will be refunded.


However, if you do not take the drawing and since I have put time and effort into the finished product, then it is considered at that point to be my property for personal use on my website or for advertising. This applies only to the drawings; I never post original photos of people on my website.


Remember, upon project completion, all personal photographs are returned or destroyed (hard copies) or deleted (digital copies).


Things I do not do!

Literal (life-like or photographic) portraits.

Nudity or overly sexualized content.

Graphic violence or anything I might deem of a disturbing nature.

Anything discriminatory (anti-anything)

There can be some exceptions made depending on the situation (Horror movie poster etc), which can be discussed.

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