*Updated Note*

It seems 90% of the requests I get now are for odd obscure locations that are just too difficult to reach. Taking supplies on multiple transit systems is an ordeal. Because of this I am now limiting my services to the Burlington and Oakville city limits. (Some areas of Hamiton and London may apply but sufficient advance notice is required)

I apologise for this but it has just become too difficlut.


Private functions include birthday and holiday parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, etc...


To book me for a private function, the following applies:



Please try to contact me at LEAST two weeks in advance. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees as dates are currently filling up quickly. Check EVENTS page to make sure I'm not already booked on the date you require.



Due to my travel limitations, I can only really service Burlington and Oakville. (Some areas of Hamilton, Toronto and can possibly apply but please inquire) 


*NOTE: I am limited to public transit, so I can only travel within city servicable by trasit. For functions outside those areas, I must add on additional transportation rates, which can vary depending on distance and time. This can be negotiated when appointments are booked.


Hourly Rate:

$100 per hour, 2 hour minimum.  This is is a flat rate! I do not make arrangements where guests pay individually.

Should an actual end time go 30 minutes or more beyond the official booked end time, an overtime charge will be applied.  See "Service Fulfillment" for further details. 

(Fee's have been increased due to transit fees for distant locations with long travel times, and the rising cost of supplies) 


Start and end times:

When you book my service, the start and end times are discussed and verified in advance.  


Changes to the start time can be re-negotiated given enough notice, or to accommodate changes due to unforeseen circumstances. I recognize the need to be flexible and will work with you on this, so be sure to discuss any changes with me as soon as possible.


Changes to the end time can sometimes occur.  See "Service Fulfillment" for further details.


Service Fulfillment:

I try to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the official start time in order to set up. You are not billed for this period.


During the booked period, I am usually able to draw caricatures for approximately 8-10 people per hour. For children I can draw approximately 12 (depending on situation). Caricatures are generally drawn on paper size 8.5x11 for children, and 11x14 for adults and couples. Paper size does not affect the hourly rate. Note that caricatures at events are done in black ink only.

Colour drawings are done as personlized orders.


If you plan on framing drawings as gifts, please discuss these preferences with me ahead of time.


Once my booked time comes to an end, I am able to spend an extra few minutes to complete any work in progress or to accommodate anyone still waiting in line. However, as mentioned above, an overtime charge will apply for time spent 30 minutes or more past the booked period.



Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do free work for charity functions. No exceptions!


**Professionalism is assured but also expected. Bookings are confirmed when I am provided a date, time and location to be at an event. If these details are not provided, the date is still considered "pending" and remains available to another potential customer. If you are ready to book my services for an event, then please be sure to be thorough in providing all details. Communication is important. 

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