If you are running a festival or show and would like an on-site caricature artist, please contact me with details of event. I must take into account details such as location, hours, number of days, and approximate attendance expected. Weather is also a consideration if it is an outdoor event.

I do not pay more than $200 for a spot (depending on the event and it's duration) I only provide payment at the event, or a contract agreement must be made such that I am refunded due to any cancelation. 

(I can not afford to lose money if bad weather rains out an event) 


I don't really require a formal table, but if one is provided I will use it. 

I bring a sign, and I bring my own chairs if the event can not spare any. 


Drawings are 8.5x11 for kids, and 11x14 for adults and pairs. Black ink only. For colour drawings, please submit for a personal order.


Due to the nature of the artwork, I am only able to draw up to 2 caricatures per sheet. For larger requests, Personal Orders will have to be made.


My rates are:


Children (12 and under, with body and scene): $5
Adult*(face only): $10
Pairs*(two adults, adult and child, face only): $15


*Add $5 to include body with scene



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